Ten women who have or have had breast cancer took part in Bare Reality, and many others who have been affected in other ways. I found their stories especially moving and I valued their participation so much. Baring their breasts meant sharing their scars, literally and figuratively. It was always important to me to support a breast cancer charity and help create a conversation about breast cancer. Bare Reality donates £1.00 from every book sold to Breast Cancer UK, a charity that aims to prevent breast cancer before it starts by reducing public exposure to the harmful chemicals in our environment, food and every day products.

Here’s what Breast Cancer UK has to say about Bare Reality:

‘Breast Cancer UK is delighted to support Bare Reality’s ‘Kickstarter’ campaign. This touching, inspirational book cuts through the sexual objectification of breasts and encapsulates how unique, yet similar, we all are. Each story provides a beautifully tender insight into the diversity of our emotions about our breasts throughout life’s stages and experiences. We hope this work will become a powerful force for social change by encouraging more women to speak freely about their breasts and inspiring them to find out more about breast cancer and the wide range of risk factors associated with the disease. We gratefully accept the author’s kind offer of a donation from the sale of each book, which will help us to continue our work to prevent breast cancer before it starts by reducing our routine exposure to the harmful chemicals in our every day products, food and environment.’