“This book left me feeling exhilarated and reflective. In the voices of the men, so freely expressed here, I heard myself. Like my ‘internal conversation’ got cranked up LOUD. The recesses of my long, hidden in the dark thinking, thoughts that I have been almost afraid of thinking out loud in my mind, let alone speak out loud, have just had the light turn onto them, and I am grateful. Thank you.” – Mark Harris, author of ‘Men, Love & Birth’

“This could be my favorite book of all time.” – Jenny McCarthy, actress and TV/radio host

“A wonderful, enlightening and humanising book about men.” – Dr Anand Patel, specialist in sexual medicine
Manhood: The Bare Reality provides an important contribution to the emotional and physical exploration of men and masculinities. Intimate interviews offer insight into how men navigate sex, desire, hopes and anxieties; these diverse inner lives are complemented with images that document equally diverse bodies. Read it to understand men better, both inside and out.” – Dr Joseph Gelfer, researcher of men and masculinities