“So often representations of women’s bodies that both men and women see depict a very narrow impression of what is normal or natural, with breasts displayed almost exclusively in a sexualised context. This book is a breath of fresh air. It celebrates the diversity of women’s bodies, and refocuses us to the stories that our bodies can tell and the value they hold, rather than the various ways they can be judged.”
Jo Swinson, MP, Minister for Women and Equalities

“Bare Reality is a beautiful, important and tender project. I love how you learn each woman’s story through her breasts – her development, her response to the culture around her, illness, her sexuality, her children. I feel warm and full of tenderness for myself as a woman, and for the female experience. It’s going to be a very special book.”
Lucy-Anne Holmes writer and founder of the No More Page 3 campaign

“An inspiring book”

“Bare Reality is brilliant, so clever and inspiring!” 
Stella McCartney

“It’s so powerful that I was moved to tears as soon as I read the first story, of a woman who had a single mastectomy after cancer, and had a tattoo to cover her scar. Everything is here: breasts that give life, that take life away, that become saleable commodities, that are used as symbols of protest, that love themselves and hate themselves. The only consensus here is that there is no consensus. These boobs all look entirely different – even I, a boob-owner, didn’t know boobs could look like this. And these women think in entirely different ways about their own bodies. Some are at peace with them, some only grew to love them when they used them to breastfeed. They all know they attract men’s attention – some enjoy this, some don’t. The point is, these are our boobs shown and talked about on our own terms. What Bare Reality allows women to do is take back our boobs – which allows us to reclaim our individuality, our autonomy, and become the tellers of our own stories.”
Huff Post Women review

“Honest, brave and revealing stories”
DIVA magazine

“I love this book!”
Nadia Sawalha on Loose Women

“Bare Reality is enlightening. I wish every bloody school had this book in the library. I swear to God, it would ease so many people’s traumas about their bodies and boobs. I imagine teenagers laughing at it at first, then going back on their own to read it more. These are exactly the kind of stories about people’s bodies we should all be reading. Ahhh, amazing!”
Hollie McNish, spoken word poet and author of the famous poem about breastfeeding, ‘Embarrassed’

“Compelling words, compelling pictures, compelling women…..the ordinary beauty of life.”
Susie Orbach, psychoanalyst and writer, author of ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’ and ‘Bodies’

“Bare Reality is an extraordinary book – Dodsworth describes it as ‘100 photographs, 100 stories, 100 acts of feminism’ –unflinching in its portrayal of the female form.”
The Telegraph

“Women’s breasts have become a commodity for consumption: flaunt/desire, offer/acquire are key parameters in the development of the dynamics of power and subjugation. Laura Dodsworth with her project Bare Reality helps build a broader and uncensored version of all women, where breasts become catalysts that humanise and reveal the stories that are otherwise hidden by the objectification of women in the media and advertising.”
Ana Álvarez-Errecalde, artist and photographer

“But where the book really shines lies in the words of the women themselves. For Bare Reality presents such a raw, unashamed and intimate slice of what it means to be female that this book becomes a celebration of life itself – of self-acceptance, of courage, of triumph over adversity…Truthfully it’s hard to do justice to what is contained within these pages, but the results are breathtaking…Unprecedented and unforgettable pictorial record of one hundred women’s lives. Beautifully written and sensitively produced, it belongs on your bookshelf.”
Let’s Talk Breasts

“Bare Reality is so beautiful and empowering.”
Scout LaRue Willis, famous for her topless walk through New York and vocal supporter of the ‘Free the Nipple’ movement

“Breast Cancer UK is delighted to support Bare Reality’s ‘Kickstarter’ campaign. This touching, inspirational book cuts through the sexual objectification of breasts and encapsulates how unique, yet similar, we all are. Each story provides a beautifully tender insight into the diversity of our emotions about our breasts throughout life’s stages and experiences. We hope this work will become a powerful force for social change by encouraging more women to speak freely about their breasts and inspiring them to find out more about breast cancer and the wide range of risk factors associated with the disease. We gratefully accept the author’s kind offer of a donation from the sale of each book, which will help us to continue our work to prevent breast cancer before it starts by reducing our routine exposure to the harmful chemicals in our every day products, food and environment.”
Breast Cancer UK

“When I first saw Laura Dodsworth’s project, Bare Reality – which shares 100 unretouched, anonymous pictures of real women’s breasts – I was completely fascinated. It opened my eyes to show how differently we all think about our bodies.”
Marie Claire Australia

“This is fascinating.”- Ashton Kutcher

“My wife and I just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. When I stumbled across the Huffington Post article about ‘Bare Reality’ I knew that a contribution to your project would be one of the best gifts I had ever come up with. I decided to re-read the Huffington Post and Kickstarter page, and I ended up following links to the Bare Reality site, The Guardian and New Statesman articles. The more I read, the more I heard her story echoed by others, the more I wanted to give. Eventually I started to cry, all of it just resonated. This is in every aspect a gift, or gifts really, to four generations of women in my family. What you are doing is history.”
 Kickstarter supporter

“I spent all my teenage years and my early adult years completely ashamed of my breasts. They are very uneven and small, which makes one of them almost unexistent while the other is perky. I always felt less of a woman because of that. Even when I started my sexual life I wanted to hide them as much as I could. Thankfully, I now have an amazing boyfriend who is a great man and says that every part of me is beautiful. The stories behind your project are inspiring. I don’t think women talk enough about how they feel about their breasts, what impact they have in their life and how they feel about their bodies and themselves. Me, I can only say that I’m still waiting for the day I get to breastfeed and see my breasts in another new perspective.I want to thank everyone who shared their stories, and I hope many girls out there get to read them. So that they realise their stories are not weird, and that their breasts are great, just the way they are, because they are part of them.” 
A Kickstarter supporter

“It’s not often these days that I read about something that inspires me about the basic humanity that we all share. In the US, with its current culture of consumerism, attitudes towards women are decidedly more misogynistic and objectifying than they were 25-30 years ago. You are lighting a candle which I hope will cast an enduring light in the current darkness. Thank you.” 
A Kickstarter supporter

“Real women are beautiful! As the daughter of a breast cancer survivor I’ve always been uncomfortable about my breasts and what they represented to me: femininity, sexuality, fear and disease. What you’ve done is make people look and see what women are really made of. You’re giving a voice to such a personal thing, and true nature and the human heart shines through. Thank you for such and inspirational project. I am touched.”
A Kickstarter supporter