Bare Reality exhibition

The debut Bare Reality exhibition was held in London 5th-11th June. A large scale print of all 100 women showcased the images in fine detail for the first time. A continuously projected film of interlaced images and quotes from the project revealed the diverse, fascinating stories and experiences of the women who took part in Bare Reality. Visitors were invited to leave anonymous quotes about breasts on a wall.

‘Women’s breasts have become a commodity for consumption: flaunt/desire, offer/acquire are key parameters in the development of the dynamics of power and subjugation. Laura Dodsworth with her project Bare Reality helps build a broader and uncensored version of all women, where breasts become catalysts that humanise and reveal the stories that are otherwise hidden by the objectification of women in the media and advertising.’  – Ana Álvarez-Errecalde, artist and photographer

“So often representations of women’s bodies that both men and women see depict a very narrow impression of what is normal or natural, with breasts displayed almost exclusively in a sexualised context. This book is a breath of fresh air. It celebrates the diversity of women’s bodies, and refocuses us to the stories that our bodies can tell and the value they hold, rather than the various ways they can be judged.” – Jo Swinson, MP, Minister for Women and Equalities

If you would like to host a Bare Reality exhibition please contact me: [email protected]

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