I specialise in photographing people, for art projects as well editorial, commercial and personal commissions. My work has been published, exhibited and featured in the media.

My love of photography took me by surprise. I took a career break from publishing and marketing and decided to retrain as a journalist. To fill some spare time I enrolled on a black and white composition course, which was a revelation: I learnt I enjoyed communicating through the lens. Now I’ve come full circle, and my recent work, Bare Reality, combines photographs and words. I am a photographer and storyteller.

I decided to create Bare Reality because I have always been fascinated by the dichotomy between women’s personal lives and how they are depicted in the media; between how we feel about breasts privately and how they are presented for public consumption. Bare Reality was, for me, the result of being a woman, a feminist and a photographer. Manhood: The Bare Reality was the inevitable creative progression, as I found myself as compelled to explore men’s stories.

The same themes run through everything I do: my work is an exploration of people, our loves, our lives and our place in the world. In everything  I do I desire to connect deeply with people, practise integrity, and interpret and present their stories with truth and memorable images.